Animation & Film

I have a background in animation and film. Here are a few of my creations. They are Quicktime files and can either be streamed and watched or downloaded for viewing later.


Porthole window Assembly

Title: Idaho Porthole Assembly
Description: Animated demonstration of how to assemble a porthole window. 3DS Max.
Running Time: 27sec
File Size:276Kb

Porthole window Assembly

Title: Spaceace Storage Solutions for the Aged and Disabled
Description: Animated demonstration of how to assemble and intergrate Spaceace storage unit in a typical kitchen. 3DS Max.
Running Time: 1min 32sec
File Size: 1.30Mb


Title: Showreel
Description: Recent animation and film work. 3DS Max / Final Cut / After Effects.
Running Time: 2min 08sec
File Size: 4.9Mb

Layer Compositing Exercise

Title: Hopping Pot - Layer Compositing Exercise
Description: Compositing project. 3DS Max / After Effects.
Running Time: 34sec
File Size: 596Kb

The Boy & The Tiger

Title: The Boy & The Tiger
Description: Short story. 3DS Max / Premiere.
Running Time: 2min 57sec
File Size: 6.3Mb


Why Are We Why? Video

Title: Why Are We Why?
Description: Music Video for Fractured Persona / Petrified Records.
Running Time: 4min 03sec
File Size: 9.6Mb

The Saltflats video

Title: The Salt Flats
Description: Music Video for Nameless / Petrified Records.
Running Time: 3min 10sec
File Size: 11.5Mb