"Emma was instrumental in my road to better mental health. Prior to meeting Emma, I had experienced a number of events in my personal life that led to me entering a deep depression. Emma helped me change my perceptions and how I viewed myself and thereby aided in my recovery and develop a better understanding of my worth in the world."

- L.

"Counselling gave me an opportunity to express my feelings, allowed me to understand them and gave me many new ways/methods to learn how to cope when things go wrong. I need to focus on my physical/mental health more, take more me-time and prevent myself from getting in a low place."

- S.

"Hi Emma, I've reconciled with my sister and it went very well. I'd like to thank you for your help thus far."

- P.

"Hi Emma, I just wanted to thank you for the sessions we have had. Many thanks and all the best in the future."

- D.


Boost your confidence.
Need the approval of others a lot less and learn to like yourself a lot more.


Work through the memories you find troubling and that affect your life today to break you free from the patterns that hold you back.


Identify your values and realign with what really matters to you.


Improve your relationship with yourself and others.


Explore your beliefs and keep the ones that serve you.


Set a direction and work towards fulfilling your aspirations.